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I would like to visit Paris because I can speak some French and the city is a beautiful one.


Back to Scotland, prettiest place I've ever been to.


I kinda want to see Argentina someday.

Just looks really cool and has some similarities to USA but completely different and unique.

Just seems like a place I would enjoy.


There are still many countries and sites to see or to see again!

Maybe that I should start with Japan, Iceland, Canada or New Zealand?

Or visit again our "neighbours"?


India and the US. But right now India the most.

Zolfie amberleechoo
Sounds interesting :-) What are you looking forward to seeing in India? :-)
amberleechoo amberleechoo
I want to meet a person there and experience the place with him and I also want to discover new culture, climate, food and more.
Zolfie amberleechoo
Oh? :D Very nice, it's always nice when you have somebody to meet :-)
Oh course you have to be very careful, as their can be that honeymoon effect, where you have someone/something new and it's over wheming love for a while, then that wears off and it's not the same or they're not the same. But it does sound very nice and romantic, just got to be careful :-)
Darkest Serenity


Iceland to stand under this magnificent display 

Zolfie Darkest Serenity
That is beautiful :-D
"hmmmmmm"  it really is
Zolfie Darkest Serenity
Yes it is :-) Looks like a great place to cuddle :-)
It looks Cold
Zolfie Darkest Serenity
Well hopefully you'll have someone errr something to warm you right up ;-)