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You can buy good wine cheaply but you must know what's out there ....

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hahaha    You Cheeky Brit Platinum image

I've got that De Ja Vu feeling , I've been here before 

Platinum NoLongerHere
I suppose you pay a tenner...lol.
NoLongerHere NoLongerHere
Only if they see me coming   lolz
Platinum NoLongerHere
You can get a great wine for £5-£7
NoLongerHere NoLongerHere
Yep! and of course who could argue with a Man who has
 Owned Pubs and Wine Bars XD  

NoLongerHere NoLongerHere
Not even me 1st time around  Nov 10th 2012   wow!
You were Lucky you were Charming  lolz

Charming enough for me to upgrade that Silver Tongue of yours to Platinum *wink*


I wouldn´t pay anything since I don´t drink wine or any alcohol. I have tasted some wine before but it wasn´t my taste.


Wine's not my thing, I could live without it. Now Scotch, that's another story.

Platinum Ancient_Hippy
I'm not into spirits of any kind...you could not live without whiskey...
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
I stopped drinking alcohol about 25 years ago except for my annual toast at Christmas time. I have three fingers of scotch with one ice cube.
Platinum Ancient_Hippy
Hope you don't have fat fingers...lol
NoLongerHere Ancient_Hippy
I couldn't even count 3 Fingers on NYE    lolz   XD
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Ooohhhh, I remember those days. I had way too many of them and they were awesomely fun.
Fuzzy Corona

Nothing, wine tastes terrible

Platinum Fuzzy Corona
To you...
Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona
Well, the question was asking how much I would pay for a bottle of wine.
Platinum Fuzzy Corona
That's right, not do you like the taste of wine......millions of people love the taste of wine....
Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona
and they are free to talk about how wine tastes delicious
Platinum Fuzzy Corona
You replied not them, as I will reply to any comment ...you said wine tastes terrible and I replied to yo, as you can't speak for everyone, thanks for your imput..
Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona
Why are you nitpicking about this anyway? I'm sure wine's feelings aren't being hurt when I say it tastes terrible.
Platinum Fuzzy Corona
I replied to you, is that not allowed ...you are making into something bigger than it should be...you made a comment I never agreed with ..is that a problem...

I don't really care about wine unless it's in spaghetti sauce :) My parents have a pretty extensive collection though, I'm sure some of the bottles were really expensive. 


Not a lot, I'd rather buy vodka:(

Platinum Echooos
It's obvious if you don't drink wine you will buy what you do drink...lol
Echooos Echooos
Ok.. :)
Skunky Stinkerson

0 dollars and 0 cents.

Platinum Skunky Stinkerson
Lol :*)

Nothing, because just like Bela Lugosi said, "I don't drink wine." :)

Platinum MidnightCowboy
Then you would not buy it...
Tiger Paws

Not sure what it cost not a wine drinker..

Platinum Tiger Paws
That's fair..

Nothing, unless if is for a present.

I like red wine, you can get a decent one and even a real good one for less than 200 NOK, but I gave up alcohol three years ago, and have never regretted that.

Platinum HegeMarie
What's 200 nok... In English ...I'm pleased for you...
HegeMarie HegeMarie
The Norwegian Krone is weak at the moment, because of the low oil prices, so 200 NOK is only £ 15.40 right now. I checked that just for you :-)
It is possible that a good wine costs more than that now..
NoLongerHere HegeMarie
Bloody Hell £15.40 , you can get at least 3 bottles here for that price
HegeMarie HegeMarie
We have something called ""Vinmonopolet here, or "The Vine Monopoly". Prices of alcoholic beverage in Norway shocks everyone who visits. Same with tobacco. £ 7.70 for 20 cigarettes. I know
NoLongerHere HegeMarie
Oh I see why the Price is high now , they can charge what they like