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I don't like to tell a gift as worst.
I can´t think of any worst I think.
I like all my Christmas gifts I got.
Suyanto Tirta

Sorry to hear that.

no problem,.. 

I was happy with all present I have ever won.
sick in bed with bronchitis from 12/21  still not ok  hi skunky

Sorry to hear that.


A Chia pet.

Had one of those, but not for Christmas. Created it myself, with help from an adult at an event as a kid. 


Another day I do not keep. I've never had a Christmas present, so I can't say I had a worse one.


Never received a Christmas gift, however once my grandma gave me a coloring book.. I'm like gee thanks, I'm 15 grandma not 5

Tyto alba (redux)

Last year my cat died 2 days before Christmas.  :'(We had her for well over a decade,  it was a tough one but thankfully El Nino was going on last year so it was raining (heavy) rather than ice and snow.  It made it easier to dig her grave.

New Year's Eve, my sister visited and brought a new cat.  By that time we were just longing for a new pet in the house,  A house without a pet in it just lacks a certain energy.  Due to the timing,  I named the new pet Eve.  So I guess the worst "gift" I've ever had in the Christmas season was a dying cat we had to put down.  The best "gift" of the Christmas season, however,  was in the same season, was a new cat.  We're so grateful for our little Eve.

Now,  we've got a   raised flower bed over our deceased cat, Tabby.  Above her will be flowers that attract hummingbirds, her favorite bird, as well as a hummingbird feeder.