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It happened to me once.  When I saw no urinals inside, I made a quick exit.  Luckily, no ladies were inside.

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Years ago..it happened to me a lot of times, but to be fair to women usually find it funny...


Yeah it has happened me before.

Once accidently yes :) once I got walked in with the love of my life at the time :)  He took me in the men's washroom at a bar we were at together and held my hair while I pucked :/ I know that sounds nasty .. But .. I decided then and there I was gonna marry that batman , and I did :E 
Skunky Stinkerson

almost. a few weeks ago when i started going to a new pool. almost wlaked into the womans change room.


Only once . I beat a hasty retreat. No harm done.

But the most comical instance I ever saw was one lunchtime in the Sydney Domain. The men's toilets are separated from the men's showers by a tiled walkway about three metres wide. It's well signposted but is wide enough to look like a path.

I went for my usual run one lunchtime and was in the shower/change room with about 25 joggers and footballers, all in various states of undress, when a woman walked past the space that served for a door. And glanced to her left.

What was funny is that she didn't seem to believe what she had seen and after she'd passed the doorway, her head popped back around while she had another look.


Yep.  Sometimes the entrances are really confusing, especially when you're towing a couple of kids with you and are distracted.


It's confusing in Germany. The public bathrooms say "DaMen" and "Herren".

AncientOne TheOtherTink

Yes. I had a few close calls in Germany in the beginning but I quickly learned.


I did that in 4th grade once. It was really embarrassing because there were girls in there when I walked in -_- 

When I was in a Church for a Girl Guide thing walked into the men's washroom on purpose as they were no mean there.