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If you've ever smoked, how old were you when you started?

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Jan 10, 2016 in Health by lucythetooth (4,074 points)

7 Answers

MidnightCowboy Jan 10, 2016

I was 14 and I did have my parents' permission when I first started smoking.  

Platinum Jan 10, 2016

Never smoked and never will..

Jan 11, 2016

26. I worked for an employer that only allowed breaks for those that smoked.

amberleechoo Jan 11, 2016

I haven´t tried smoking yet.

Deadcutie1994 Apr 1, 2016

Never, just all your disgusting second hand smoke.

Freeranger Apr 1, 2016

Probably Middle School.  I used to sneak them from the farmer up the road.  He smoked unfiltered Lucky Strikes....the commercial jingle went something like "LSMFT....Lucky Strikes means FINE tobacco....."

Of course, as kids, we had our own version of LSMFT.  "Loose straps means flabby tits."

HegeMarie Apr 2, 2016

15. I bought my first pack in Poland.

My thought was that "noone care to ask for ID here."

I was right.


Freeranger HegeMarie Apr 2, 2016

and look at you now.......smokin' hot, particularly in red lipstick....:P

HegeMarie HegeMarie Apr 3, 2016

Hah! I quit this hobby early enough.

For how long did you smoke?


Freeranger HegeMarie Apr 4, 2016

Until my father found out......

Later, in the military, I smoked during those years, butt (get it?) no more.  Btw, totally turned on with your semen model.  Naughty girl...:D

HegeMarie HegeMarie Apr 9, 2016

Haha, that is funny. The little Freeranger sneaking out to smoke:D

It is a good thing you quit early.

I thought you would like that photo, with the war paint and all.

(Took me a while to get the semen model reference)

Freeranger HegeMarie Apr 9, 2016

Yup, stashed them down the road in the stone wall, and then my friend and I would sneak down and merrily puff away.  It generally made me dizzy as I recall.

It is......I hear breathing is good for you.

Well, I must say, I think she'd look good on a bed with pillows too.  What's your opinion?

(:P....your English is improvin' darlin')

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