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When we went to Florida last year ...we went to Discovery Cove and had a fantastic day including swimming with 100s of other fish...

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No :/ but I really wanna .. So that counts :)and I will so double counts :)


I swim like a rock tied to a brick, so I try to stay out of the water.  The dolphins would probably just laugh at me.  LOL

Platinum lucythetooth
You hold them by the fin and they just pull you along...

"...swimming with 100s of other fish..."

Platinum, you're a fish?!?? I thought you are a human being.

However, I suppose swimming with the fish is better than sleeping with them, as Don Corleone would say.

Platinum TheOtherTink
You are funny Liz....ain't it with a horses head....
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink
Yes, did you ever try laundering your bedding after something like that? It's the pits!
Platinum TheOtherTink
And our dustmen won't take the head away...
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink
We buried ours in the back yard.
Suyanto Tirta

no, but while I was crossing the Pacific I used to go up to the ships bow and watch them swim along with us effortlessly


Only a fantasy of mine that I wish could come true.


nope, but it seems like it would be fun!

Of course birds and fish have been none to not like me... so I'm not as sure.

NoLongerHere Zolfie
@ Zolfie    you have to explain that one   lolz
Zolfie Zolfie
@Miss S       What's to explain? I've never swam with dolphins, but it seems like it would be fun.

And though my life,  fish and animals with wings (in general) haven't liked me.

No, I did not have this occasion.

It would be nice to swim with wild dolphins in the sea or to watch them, as long as they are free to come and go as they wish.

By the way, dolphins are mammals - lol.


No but would be somwthing I would enjoy doing.