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Example on " count to million" it's already 3 pages. I'm scrolling to end of page 1 hitting page 3 scrolling to end. Then when I find the end I have to go all the way back to top to get to ANSWER.  

What am I doing wrong?

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That's what I do too, I'm not sure if their is a short cut for doing all of that.
Tiger Paws Zolfie
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That's a pain

You can use the "end" key on your keyboard to get to the end of the first page, click the last page tab, and use the "end" key again to get to the end of the questions. Reverse the procedure to get back to the beginning, except use the keyboard "home" key.

I don't know of anything quicker than that.

Tiger Paws TheOtherTink
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I'm using iphone
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink
Can't help you then. :-(

A good question indeed.

The system with the "scrolling down to the last page" is, though, the most used. :)

At least, you can page up and down on computers and laptops, which is quite useful.

Tiger Paws Marianne
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