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On sodahead the leaderboard was the most hated part of the site...do you think having leaderboards lowers the quality of the questions...

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I don't care for them myself. Not everything is a competition.

Precisely the reason not to have leaderboards, but the website owners like them because they increase traffic and their Alexa rating.

Platinum TheOtherTink
I hate repetitive questions
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink
I have little patience for inane ones as well.
Skunky Stinkerson

at least it makes the site look more busy/active.. if certain people were not on here fighting for the top spot on the leaderboard... there would be hardly any questions lol.

Skunky Stinkerson
I don't think so.

I don't care for them. There are a few people that will continually ask silly questions just rack up the points.

NoLongerHere Ancient_Hippy
@ Hippy   what color pants ya wearing   , my next question ........not!    hahaha
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
I'm not wearing ANY pants. I'm always nakey while on the computer.
NoLongerHere Ancient_Hippy
@ Hippy  hahaha     Oh I had to ask didn't I     XD
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Yes you did. You just never know what will come out of an old persons mouth.
NoLongerHere Ancient_Hippy
@ Hippy  *Giggling my ass off*   I'm almost Blushing here  XD
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Cool, my quest has been fulfilled.
NoLongerHere Ancient_Hippy
@ Hippy  n
Platinum Ancient_Hippy
Lolz @ have you a webcam......hehe....will my heart take it....
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
No, the whitecoats took my web cam away.
Platinum Ancient_Hippy
And left you behind....shock...
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Yep!! Now, if I could only get this tight jacket off.
Platinum Ancient_Hippy
You better call a locksmith....lol

I find them pointless. They absolutely bring down the quality of questions, as well as the site.

(no pun intended)
Big pun Gun....lolz
Stop what

I never cared for points, levels or leaderboards, but it may be a necessary evil to keep the activity level high. I don't know.

being able to see who upthumbs you would make the site more personal, as it is a form of communication.

NoLongerHere HegeMarie
@ Hege  I totally agree , seeing who is following our comments does Personalize our experience online

JD always follows my comments and I always follow his but I ain't got a clue who is Voting :(
HegeMarie HegeMarie
Exactly. Sometimes there is nothing to add or reply to a post, but a vote is a way to recognize a clever or funny remark.
Have you had problems with personal messages recently, or is that just me?
NoLongerHere HegeMarie
@ Hege    No there was a problem with PM but Dan just got it fixed  

Exactly , it's also my way of saying Thank you when I haven't got time to natter.

I'll speak to Dan , see what can be done :)
StarzAbove HegeMarie
I couldn't comment to a question either.

I Like chasing you up them because we get Competitive and have a giggle , other than that not really bothered about any Leader board. 

I know I have a Midnight Cowboy on my tail though   hehehe   

Platinum NoLongerHere
Best of luck with mc, he will lose you with the snap of his fingers other than SJ he had over a million points ...
NoLongerHere NoLongerHere
@ JD     "Yee haw!"    lolz    I caught him up before :)
Platinum NoLongerHere
Yer right....lol
NoLongerHere NoLongerHere
@  JD   XD
Bruno56 NoLongerHere

ON YOUR TAIL... hehehe LOL

Your comment was made six days after he joined...

You're losing ground now.   ;*)



A Leaderboard will increase the quantity of questions but will also increase the quality of questions because of competition.  Many forums have a Leaderboard to show the public the active participation along with its "shining stars."  Schools and companies have their own version of a "Leaderboard" to reward their "shining stars" who excel, so, a Leaderboard is not something to berate anyone but to praise those who go that extra distance with active participation.  A Leaderboard gets noticed on any Forum by visitors and will prompt them to become members so they can see their name on the list if they actively participate and earn that special merit.

To conclude, a Leaderboard is never to be viewed as something degrading but as something rewarding.

Platinum MidnightCowboy
You know yourself, on sodahead the leaderboard was hated by nearly every member even SJ who was the only one who could beat you...I don't agree you get better questions...the people near the top of the leaderboard on sodahead asked pathetic questions like ...third letter second name ...second letter first name..and so on...also when you get one or two people so far in front of everyone else, they stop trying and the questions dry up....
MidnightCowboy MidnightCowboy
There were members who complained about the Leaderboard on Sodahead, but when many of those who complained hit #1, then all of a sudden they changed their tune and even posted:  "I Reached #1 on Sodahead - Hooray!"
Platinum MidnightCowboy
You are talking about a handful of people and the only bullshit is the leaderboards .....the questions that get asked become boring but if you think you add to a site, be my guest and you can see the other answers on here don't share your view...
Platinum, the "bullshit" comment was not directed to you. Relax.
Platinum MidnightCowboy
I'm so relaxed, I fell over......

I hate leaderboards, they helped in brining SH down.

dru tiger StarzAbove

Where are you? I can't leave you a PM on this site because you are not following me. Many people miss you.


They ruin sites and attract the lame and pathetic types who search for meaningless validation.   They serve no useful  purpose and are only attractive to people with a kindergarten mindset.

NoLongerHere ,,!,,(>_<),,!,,
@    ,,!,,(>_<),,!,,    GIVE US A USER NAME PLEASE   lolz