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Seeing Americans show hatred towards each other depending who they vote for ...in England we don't take politics as serious and feel no hatred towards people who vote differently from us.

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Darkest Serenity

On SH I could only talk Politics comfortably , with my Friends in Group PM because I knew they were not going to say 

"This is Our Country Serenity , not yours . so shut ya face because you don't know what you are talking about" 

I've had a few do that to me and then other Friends ask me why they don't see me in 


Hells waiting room 

My God it was a pit of Fire and the level of Hatred between complete Strangers astounded me at times *Can still hear the Screams*  lolz  , think some Americans need to cut back on their Caffeine intake.   

Didge Darkest Serenity

great pic!


It´s the same here in Sweden too like it is in England


You should see Maldives.

Even the cops murder over politics



One of the nominees was jailed because Dangerous weapons were "Found" 

It's dangerous to go outside.

Platinum RIK RZ
That makes the Americans arguing look quite tame ...
This happens in India too but not everyone though


This has been a relatively recent development in American politics (or perhaps re-development would be a better word, if we go back to the Civil War), caused by the Democrats moving too far to the left, and the Republicans too far to the right. There used to be many moderates in both parties, almost indistinguishable from each other; such people are scarce today.

Platinum TheOtherTink
That's a shame.....
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink
That it is.

Because both sides are more extreme than they've ever been in history. Both sides think they know what's best for the country and think the other side will ruin the country, and so they think it's necessary to hate each other and practically fight each other to the death. 

Platinum HeyCameron!
And that gets them where, nothing will change whoever gets in, there should only be one way of running the country ...the right way, for the people...

It's the same everywhere.

I would point out that while you feel no hatred towards people who vote differently from you, some people surely do.

The following is a list of all incidents of violence between MPs in chamber since 1902, taken from List of incidents of grave disorder in the British House of Commons.

22nd November 1920
The day after Bloody Sunday, Irish Nationalist Joseph Devlin MP raised the matter of the massacre in the House after Sir William Davison MP asked the Prime Minister David Lloyd George to express support for British troops in Ireland. Devlin was immediately assaulted by John Molson MP who physically pulled him over the bench. The Speaker suspended the session for 15 minutes after which Molson apologised and Devlin asked his question again and was answered by the PM.

11th April 1923
The Government attempted to push through a motion that had been defeated the day before, to do with employment of ex-servicemen from WW1. The Opposition refused to let the debate proceed without a change in Government policy on ex-servicemen, and a fight broke out.

2nd July 1931
John McGovern MP asked a question relating to the arrest of lay preachers in Glasgow. After asking and being answered he continued to stand, demanding the release of the preachers and refusing the Speaker's direction to return to his seat. The Speaker called on the Serjeant-at-Arms to remove him, but James Maxton MP, John Beckett MP and John Kinley MP came to McGovern's aid, and fought with the Serjeant and his assistants.

4th March 1975
Nigel Lawson MP hit Clinton Davis MP with his Order Paper during a heated debate over government subsidies to motorcycle manufacturer Norton Villiers Triumph.

I'm talking about the people now ...we don't argue with each other who we vote for and we change parties very often, we and I mean most of us, find politics boring and we have realised years ago, all our parties are a bunch of crooks....they are there for themselves...
Darkest Serenity
@ Platinum and Gun     Gun has a point , my Step Father 1st one could argue over Political issues until the Cows came home with me or his friends , damn! near drove me batty at times.

While my mum buried her head deep in her books  lolz  only escape from madness  XD

I used to call him the Frustrated Politician because he wasn't in the seat he once owned debating furiously for his Borough.
But he did not want to kill anyone, I'm talking generally....I've known you three years and don't have a clue who you vote for, if you vote ....we just don't care...
@Platinum   I want to kill people all the time. Rarely, if ever,  is it over who someone votes for.

In America there is a huge Political Divide between the Democrats and the Republicans which boils down to the BLUE States (Democrats) and the RED States (Republican) and finally becomes more evident between Conservatives (mainly Republican) and Liberals (mainly Democrat).

Platinum MidnightCowboy
They still hate each other....and if your side don't get in, you spend four years hating them and criticising their every decision...
i've just erased a very large page of talking points regarding our politics.  I could speak volumes about America's vs. the European institution and expenditures etc, but in the end, it would devolve in to little better than a shouting match.

I'll end with this.  There are those who would love this European model of "civility & social engineering"...but I'd be fekked John, if those of us who more identify with the likes of a Daniel Boone would stand for the lack of that style of temerity

Platinum Freeranger
At the end of the day, nothing changes...whoever gets in, will look after the rich and push the rest of us down..
Freeranger Freeranger
I'd agree with that based on what we seem to be offered.  Bernie Sanders, self proclaimed socialist (and drawing ever closer to the compulsive lying Democratic front runner) states as part of his mantra that the elections are "rigged"
He'd know better than I, but I'd not doubt it.
America will have better elections the day they can finally face the fact that we need term limits for Congress coupled with better Presidential candidates.  How we attain these qual'd executives save sending the lot to a presidential finishing school for at least four years is beyond me but.....
As long as Americans continue being led by t.v. commercials as part of the general malaise rather than demanding results......the charade continues.

I've wondered about this myself. I've never come across the amount of hatred directed toward President Obama and Hilary Clinton in Australian politics and yet, the same level of vitriol does not seem to be returned by the Democrats.

I had an email from a Republican friend this week. She iss confused and embarrassed by the amount of support Trump has received. She wrote this:

"That bastard is destroying my main-stream Republican party. I enjoy his “spit in the face of political correctness” humor, and he’s not afraid of the media like so many other candidates from both parties, but he is a buffoon. I feel like apologizing for him and trying to convince others that Republicans are not immigrant haters, women haters, and nor are we racist."

Americans take their politics very seriously and I wonder whether that is because a national mindset that still believes in God is similarly able to believe the myths and fables foisted upon them by their politicians.

Platinum Didge
To me, whoever gets in, will shaft us, it happens in England all the time, politicians do what they can to make as much money for themselves as possible...that why our ministers are trying to keep us in the European market, it's a gravy train for them ...
Didge Didge
Jim Hacker would have agreed with you. "Snouts in the trough" were his words.