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Wall for Bruno56

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Hello Bruno56!
I don't know if u remember me or not, but we were both old Sodahead friends since 2013. My username was Cyntrayl J. I hope to reconnect with u again. Have a great new year :-)
Dec 30, 2017 by CYNTRAYL J.
they're will be so many who will be pleased to see you
I tried to find you on Askit but found it's no longer up.
Damn! that site was so impressive and the time you created it
still amazes me even now.
Mar 27, 2017 by NoLongerHere
I've been trying to track you down my friend (no idea if you are still getting emails from here but here goes) if ya don't try , ya don't know either way.

when ya gonna come back to A mirite Bruno
it's so much more Peaceful on there now
James made me a mod and then after 6 months
he made me a Super mod.
Those idiots can't just come on and attack who they please now
I won't stand for it.

come say hello ...........your friend Ser
Mar 27, 2017 by NoLongerHere