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California has raised the smoking age to 21. Agree or Disagree?

I  know that it will not work, this had been debated in the past, if kid's under 18 can get beer, they will smoke, but that is really play  here , is the democrat campaign on  tobacco industry, and kid's under 18 21 are now, breaking the law.  when democrat claim there trying to free up court,s and what have they done here/ there going to fill up the court's again, with kid's who before now not committing a crime. now they are. and  here democrat claim that they want people to live there life and way that want? how dose narrative. work here, if over 18 and want to smoke that your right. it call freedom of choice   it odd here democrat claim , that conservative are all way telling them how to live?  , so i ask why are they , now doing the same  thing? and telling poeple  how to live?  narrative are a funny thing.


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