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Would you vote for Obama if he could run again?
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Do you think the massive surge of people from one country to another, even if unarmed, could be called an "invasion"?

DAMN RIGHT it IS an INVASION. Cleverly conceaedimage to look like a plea for "hard to resist humanitarian aid"; especially when Pope Francis chimes in, in favor, and Obama uses the FORMER "authority" of the United States Office of the President (before he destroyed any credibility), to try and add some credence to the devilish plot. I'm no fool; of course there were many desperate refugees invading the EU, but there were also many Islamic radical fascists (many from IS), using the invasion of the EU to get "operatives" in place. Obama is trying to bring those Muslim fascists to the US under the same guise. When will Americans see Obama for the anti-Christian person, he really is? Proof? OKAY; why are Syrian Christians, ALSO facing genocide from IS (and MANY others), who would have a much higher likelihood of assimilating the American culture, practically being COMPLETELY DENIED asylum, while Syrian Muslims, of questionable repute and practically guaranteed to reject assimilation into our culture and reject our Constitution for their sharia law, being FAST TRACKED FOR ASYLUM BY THE OBAMA REGIME BY THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS??? There's JUST one answer; MAObama is trying to DE-CHRISTIANIZE the United States by flooding it with Muslims and illegal aliens who won't even learn English. The US has no business allowing foreign immigrants with no special work skills to invade, especially ILLEGALLY, when so many Americans are unemployed. Simple common sense and logic dictate the TRUTH!


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Thank you, Darkest Serenity (I truly admire your "handle") and it's nice to feel as though I have a "friend" who is a moderator. THAT is something I NEVER experienced on SodaHead. I just wondered how soon they would "kick me off" for some fabricated violation of their Progressive sensibilities. If they could permanently exile a BRILLIANT, STRAIGHT-SHOOTER, FIRST RATE DEBATER, like "OLD SALT", on a trumped-up, fallacious, charge, my days HAD to be numbered.  Turned-out, they kicked-out ALL the CONSERVATIVES (because we were constantly getting the "upper hand!) Sorry to prattle-about, I'm sure you're busy. I won't bother you with fluff, again.
Feb 24, 2016 by Tee Quake
You're very welcome Tee
Feb 23, 2016 by NoLongerHere
Hello Tee Quake
was wondering where you got to , just a few days ago
Tink posted me an old post from SH

Welcome to ISolved Tee
I'm one of the Moderators on here
any problems or questions about this site
Just come find me  :)

Feb 22, 2016 by NoLongerHere
Thank you for joining :)
Feb 20, 2016 by Dan


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