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Marine Creatures - A Game in Alphabetical Order

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Feb 4, 2016 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Marianne (18,336 points)
edited Feb 4, 2016 by Marianne

You can post all kinds of animal species which are part of the marine life, whether ocean fishes, marine mammals, sea birds, sea turtles and reptiles, cephalopods (octopus, squid, etc.) and other sea mollusks (shellfish, sea snail, etc.), marine echinoderms (starfish, urchin, sea cucumber, etc.), crustaceans (lobster, shrimp, etc.) and other marine arthropods, cnidaria (jellyfish, coral, etc.), etc. Zoological names are helpful to find the correct pictures and information to share (and for "problematic letters", especially X, Q, U and Z).

Who doesn't love Nemo, an anemonefish, or, more precisely, a clownfish (Amphiprion)?

This is for A ...

Who takes the B? image

79 Answers

Marianne Feb 4, 2016

Anemonefish (picture: ocellaris clownfish, the species featured in the film Finding Nemo)

imageAmphiprion ocellaris 

Dan Marianne Feb 5, 2016
Marianne Marianne Feb 8, 2016
Wow, and it is with Nemo!
Dan Marianne Feb 8, 2016
Yeah, it is a scene from the movie.
Marianne Marianne Mar 9, 2016


And here's one of these black "sea devils" (there are different kinds of anglerfishes):


HegeMarie Marianne Apr 20, 2016

It is not as suited to be a main character in a movie;)

Marianne Marianne Apr 21, 2016

Lol - indeed!


Tiger Paws Feb 4, 2016

Brown Trumpetfishimage

Marianne Tiger Paws Feb 4, 2016
Thank you, an excellent choice!
MidnightCowboy Feb 4, 2016

Blue Devil


Dan MidnightCowboy Feb 4, 2016
Isn't it 'C' ?
Marianne MidnightCowboy Feb 4, 2016
An excellent idea - the colours are amazing.
Marianne MidnightCowboy Apr 21, 2016

Thank you, Dan; the picture is great! :)

Marianne MidnightCowboy Aug 17, 2016

Hello, Dan, how about adding a marine creature?

E is on!

Marianne Feb 4, 2016

Dogfish (Spiny Dogfish)

image (Squalus acanthias)

Dan Marianne Feb 4, 2016
It looks like a kind of shark.
Marianne Marianne Feb 4, 2016
It is indeed a shark species, this family is a very big one.
MidnightCowboy Feb 4, 2016

Eel (Yellow Moray)


Marianne MidnightCowboy Feb 4, 2016
Nice colours!
Marianne MidnightCowboy Aug 17, 2016

Hello, Midnight Cowboy, how about continuing in this game?

Marianne Feb 4, 2016

Flounder (European Flounder)


(Platichthys flesus)

dragonfly46 Feb 4, 2016

Green Sea Turtle


Marianne dragonfly46 Feb 8, 2016
The pattern is awesome.
Marianne Feb 5, 2016

Hammerhead (Great Hammerhead Shark)


(Sphyrna mokarran)

Dan Apr 7, 2016

Marianne Dan Apr 7, 2016

Thank you, Dan! :)

Marianne Dan Aug 26, 2016

Hello, Dan - are you chuckling now? Here's another challenge: a marine animal beginning with "F".


Marianne Apr 7, 2016

Jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons, yellowheaded jawfish)


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