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Do you check the country of origin in the food label?

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Dec 16, 2016 in Food & Drink by Dan (5,288 points)

5 Answers

Ancient_Hippy Dec 16, 2016

Yes, always. Some manufacturers try to fool consumers by putting "packaged in the USA" in big bold letters and in very small print "grown in China".

Rooster Dec 16, 2016

Very much ! I check them really well. They like to hide the origins in tiny letters or behind a well known brand as "imported by"  but never say where. You really have to look at most things to really tell where they came from.

Skip Skip Rooster Dec 16, 2016

Good morning Rooster :) 

Rooster Rooster Dec 16, 2016

Good morning Skip ! Nice to see you ! :)

Skip Skip Dec 16, 2016

Yes I do. I especially check when buying dog food , dog toys, dog treats, if it's not made in USA, I don't buy it! 

Rooster Skip Skip Dec 16, 2016

You really have to look at pet foods and toys nowadays ! I remember going into Petco looking for a squeaker toy for Hunter and told them I didn't want anything from China ! I found ONE toy .

Skip Skip Skip Skip Dec 17, 2016

I know Rooster. I check every label on things I buy for my dog. It's very hard to find items made in the US. 

Marianne Dec 17, 2016

Of course, and it takes often time to find out about the true origin and the real ingredients!

And many consumer organisations, and with them, public control services, are investigating since many years, but too often, they are facing closed doors and "professional or manufacturing" secrets. Also public authorities can rarely intervene against well protected multinational trusts.

Even fruits, crops and vegetables labelled with "local production", or "fair trade" and "bio" might have been contaminated by pesticides from more or less neighbouring industrial cultures, or packed abroad, mixed with imported goods, or treated to prolong the shelf life, etc. And also fraud and adulteration are going on - since very long.

Here's an article in English:

About food scandals:

The problem is that as good as everybody is being lied at and fooled.

This old parody - a fiction not thought (really?) to warn against mass production, big food industries and their bosses, but to entertain with much sarcasm - illustrates very well what really happened and still happens behind closed doors:

About how a chicken is manufactured:

Tiger Paws Dec 17, 2016

Yes I do!!

Not buying if not from the US.

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