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Why are conversations inappropriately displayed?

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Mar 1 in Doubts by Ladyhorse (340 points)
edited Mar 1 by Ladyhorse

I replied to Tyto twice but conversation ensued between Rooster and Tyto not me. Just lost my conversation with Marianne...not on purpose..."Chat" is extremely s-l-o-w.

4 Answers

Rooster Mar 1

I'm sorry Ladyhorse. I thought I was replying to him. I didn't think I said anything bad. My apologies.

Ladyhorse Rooster Mar 1

No apology necessary. You didn't say anything bad but the conversations are just not displayed correctly. That bothers me.

Kninjanin Mar 1

You should ask the admins.

Marianne Mar 3

Sorry, Ladyhorse; I crashed repeatedly, and there seem to be cuts on several websites. 

There might be problems with different older and more recent software apps, systems, etc.

Furthermore, free on-line apps might be infected.

Ladyhorse Marianne Mar 9

Everything is cool...I didn't want Rooster to be falsely accused.

Marianne Marianne Mar 10


No, we know that there might be technical problems or incompatibilities with certain systems - not people. Ask Dan for help.


By the way, if you want to be sure that the answer goes to the right person, start your post with @....... and the name of the person you are addressing (see above).

Hitman Mar 4

What did you do now,Pop? Stirring up crap again? You talk about me! 

Ladyhorse Hitman Mar 9

My goodness Hitman, stifle...your pop didn't do anything wrong...

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