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Want to Suicide but afraid to die

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Aug 31 in Arts & Humanities by Suyanto Tirta (1,849 points)
The news today that I read makes me laugh, Because a person's plan to commit suicide plunge into the river is steep canceled for fear of being eaten crocodile.

2 Answers

Rooster Sep 1

To me? Suicide is a cowardly act and this person must be the biggest coward around. What's wrong with a couple of Crocs???


certainly canceled his suicide:D

Marianne Sep 1

Oops, that is indeed a spiny question! On the one hand, it is not kind to laugh about desperate perople wishing to commit suicide.

But in this case, one might suspect a foul prank or somebody yelling desperately for compassion. 

Anyway, this is a case for a thorough therapy:


yeah, .. i just read the news and the picture, not the intent of laughing but it's funny, Want to die but afraid of being eaten crocodile:D

Marianne Marianne Sep 2

Yes, that is, what we would call a very black sarcasm.

Maybe that the fear of being eaten by crocodiles prevented this suicide candidate from throwing away his life.

he was saved

Marianne Marianne Sep 3

Lol - in this case, we can smile. :)

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