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The Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) was last seen on 1933 and later it was announced that the species becomes extinct but recently some people claims that they had seen Tasmanian Tiger in the wild and they are not extinct.

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Since I can't prove it's impossible, then yeah, I think it's possible.

I wouldn't like to encounter one in the wild, though.   :-O

Anything's possible. It's a big planet.


One can only hope.

I read about a hen that was declared extinct five times over the past century but kept showing up anyway


Yeah there is still a possibility.


Few things are completely impossible but the Tasmanian Tiger must be getting close. The last confirmed sighting was in 1935. Since then it's made as many appearances as Lord Lucan, Elvis, and the little green men in their flying saucers, but none of them were ever confirmed.


There have been indeed repeatedly assumptions that a small numbers of Tasmanian Tigers might have survived, but till now, no concrete evidence or picture could be provided.

It would be wonderful, if the thylacine survived ...



   The Taz Devils have survived !image

Dan Kharmeldove

The mini version but their population is in decline too.

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