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How much I will get for asking and answering a question on this platform?

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Jan 23, 2016 in Doubts by ultimatewritingz (15 points)

I'm asking about the payment of this site? How much they pay per question? And per answer? 

6 Answers

BenjiC01 Jan 23, 2016

Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

NoLongerHere Jan 23, 2016

As Dan's Friends from Previous Sites , we have encouraged him to put any money into building his site and we are just here for fun but I understand many Sites do pay :) but this is a Nice Site with a Great Bunch of People 

Stick around for a while 

amberleechoo Jan 23, 2016

It´s just for fun here.

Ancient_Hippy Jan 23, 2016

We're not here to make a living.

Jan 24, 2016

Not a damned thing.

Oh_No_Its_Him Jan 24, 2016

This site promotes Communism by not making money

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