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Yes, unfortunately I think many people do.

Not that I'm aware

Darkest Serenity

I have dealt with my PTSD or rather Professionals have but if anyone wakes me with a start , they sometimes get a punch or knocked across the room , think when I'm asleep my Brain tells me I'm Vulnerable and so I attack.

My Girl slapped me playfully when I was laying on my fella's Lap asleep a couple of years ago and I punched him , was so relieved that I didn't punch her , my Natural Instinct kicked in.

76May Darkest Serenity

I am sad to hear this, Serenity.  My sister struggles with PTSD to this point as well.  And I love your gif.  Damaged people are def dangerous.  After the illegal harassment I endured years ago on a job, I got even with the ringleader that hated me so much.


Not every day, but....frequently.  Five of my buddies died one night in a car accident.  Hard to take when you're a Sophomore and you'd just been hangin' with them at the dance....

Fuzzy Corona

No but I still wound up with multiple mental illnesses somehow

Ravin local

Many people have, and I'm one of them. You learn to live with it, with enough time. 


Yes. Time really does help a lot. I had to get used to the person I was afterwards.


No, fortunately not.


No.  I'm pretty good at letting things go.  


Yes, about 8 years ago I left a job (forced out of the job) in which I had been the target of workplace bullying. It wasn't just one individual, but a group of five women: a concerted effort over many months.  It left me wounded and traumatized beyond the psychological issues I deal with already. After that experience, I avoided going out in public to avoid seeing these women and the other individuals that witnessed the circumstances (I live in a small town), and cut off too many friendships to count because of the humiliation I felt.

It was, unfortunately, one of the major events of my life that changed it forever.  Even after approaching the subject with my most rational reasoning, I have not been able to completely overcome the damage. 

I'm sure a lot of people have experienced worse, but thank you for asking this question and allowing me to vent.