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Are you enjoying using this Site my Friends ?

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Jan 27, 2016 in Suggestions by NoLongerHere (6,142 points)
edited Jan 27, 2016 by NoLongerHere

I see ISolved as a Little Retreat because we all seem to get along , there is no Nastiness 

We may muck about with each other but no malice is meant  *Didge & Hippy* lolz U2  XD

Some Sites , one in particular , make me wanna do this at times.


But on here I just 


I'm so glad Dan Created this Site for us 


From all of us

11 Answers

lucythetooth Jan 28, 2016

Yeah, but I have a suggestion.  The notifications pop-up is kind of hard to use, especially if you have a lot of them.  Could there be a way to have it pop to a separate window or keep the notification as unread until I've clicked on it like Facebook does?  That would make it easier to see which notifications I've read and which ones I still need to acknowledge.

And maybe group notifications together.  Like "Six people upvoted your answer."  Or "There are three new answers to (insert name of question here.)"

NoLongerHere lucythetooth Jan 28, 2016
@ Lucy  I totally agree we do need a feature easier to follow , sometime's I have 50 and I click on the first one and they all turn White and I'm lost

Then I either miss comments from friends or keep going back to the same question / comment  lolz  which can drive me a little Nutz , you to I'm sure.  

I will talk to Dan ........thanks Lucy  :)

amberleechoo Jan 27, 2016

Yeah I do pretty much but now it feels time for a new upgrade of this site to make it even more interesting.

NoLongerHere amberleechoo Jan 27, 2016
@ Amber  Any suggestions on how this Site could be Upgraded  :)
amberleechoo amberleechoo Jan 27, 2016
@Serenity Like updating the profiles with more info. Right now we will put options in the profile information. I would also like to being able to customize the profile and have a photogallery. That´s a few things I think we should add. And also chnage the sites design.
NoLongerHere amberleechoo Jan 27, 2016
@  Amber  look above , that's my New theme on AM , like it ? I do

Shame the Site itself is a Pit of Hell right now.

I do like a photo gallery ......Askaholics has one with Big Images and it's shared by the whole Site and members can leave Nice comments.

NoLongerHere Jan 27, 2016
Jan 27, 2016

Sure, I like it. I'd still like a more definitive block feature, but I figure it'll get here.

NoLongerHere Jan 27, 2016
@ Gun   lolz   I Love that image , you on ya Laptop  XD

So you feel there is a need for a BLOCK feature on this Site ?
Jan 28, 2016
Sadly, it's just the kind of guy I am. If I tell you to shut up, I damned well want it to stick.
NoLongerHere Jan 28, 2016
@ Gun   I never understand members saying "Oh I never block" and give their various reasons.

If they had to deal with some of the BS I have at times , I'm sure they would not hesitate and I'm sure you feel the same :)

Right now I have about 10 Sock accounts , so pissed they can't get at me because after taking Starz advice , I blocked them all :)
Jan 29, 2016
76May Mar 10, 2016

I ended up blocking someone on amirite that I thought was a decent Sodahead friend.  Oh well.

MidnightCowboy Jan 27, 2016

It's a wonderful Site.

NoLongerHere MidnightCowboy Jan 27, 2016
@ MC   :D
Lo Jan 27, 2016

Yes.  I missed sodahead.

NoLongerHere Lo Jan 27, 2016
@ Lo   Hello , who were you on SH and yes so many of us miss SH
even the Administrator of this Site was a member
HegeMarie Jan 27, 2016

Yes, I like it in here.

Hope it continues to improve. We have come a long way already.

I'm not sure how much longer I will stay on Amirite.

NoLongerHere HegeMarie Jan 27, 2016
@ Hege   me neither tbh   only thing keeping me on there is I have been told by Anonymous Users , to get back on this Site where I belong  lolz  

I'm Stubborn and they can Kiss my British ass  XD

Anyway I digress , what Improvements would you like to see my Friend ?
HegeMarie HegeMarie Jan 27, 2016
Ouch! You are a troll magnet, haha.
No, you shouldn't let anyone drive you off and I know you won't.
To be able to customize the profile, hang up a few pictures and maybe choose background photo/colors etc. would be an improvement.
None of this is essential to me, but I think it would draw more flies
NoLongerHere HegeMarie Jan 27, 2016
@ Hege lolz  Yep! still pissed that I showed them the door with my boot up their ass XD  and Dan blocks their IP addresses he told me today :)

 I have far too many Friends who like seeing me on Amirite making them giggle their ass off , to listen to those Idiots *wink*

I Loved the way we could theme our home pages on Sodahead , this was on mine

and I miss being able to leave images and gifs on our Profile pages because it was Nice on Bdays or when a Friend needed a bit of TLC
HegeMarie HegeMarie Jan 28, 2016
You certainly liven things up with your presence :-)
That's what I don't understand with Amirite; if they would just block people by IP address then the McRib could not come back with a new account every week.
Right now it's dirtynickers something, something..

Yeah, SodaHead offered a real wall for wall paintings :-) I didn't use it enough, but that was a good option.
NoLongerHere HegeMarie Jan 28, 2016
@ Hege  right back at ya babe  :D

I don't understand it myself Hege , they've only just got rid of Darkest Anal leakage  "ugh"

Surely James can see the posts this Troll posts , one of it's latest is sickening

I Smell Incest in the Hell is that acceptable ? and it has many Sock accounts on there right now :/

I will invite Dan to this post and show him the suggestions :)
HegeMarie HegeMarie Jan 28, 2016
Yeah, hah, I saw that account.
So, James is the mysterious man in charge of it all?

I have not seen that other one you mentioned, but the creep seems to be obsessed with incest, so it's no surprise.

Good, hope Dan looks into it :-)
NoLongerHere HegeMarie Jan 29, 2016
@ Hege   My Clone was up for at least a week  smh

IT has a serious fixation on that chosen subject
IT needs several sessions on a Psychiatrist couch  lolz I pity that chosen Shrink
Didge Jan 27, 2016

Yep, this feels pretty much like home to me. I like the interaction which you don't always get on other sites.

NoLongerHere Didge Jan 27, 2016
@ Didge  The interaction is good here and I think that's really important because then Friends like you and Hippy can have a good giggle

I've got round the *not knowing who is talking to who* most of us say @ Ser

@ Didge  and if not , it's just a case of reminding them.

I'm glad you like it on here :)
76May Mar 10, 2016

Yes, I like ISolved!  Just wish I could figure out how to post pics easier, and thank you again for trying to show me.  Somehow, I am just not getting it.  But this is a peaceful site so far.  <3

Cal Mar 10, 2016

It could be a lot better.  It bores me quite frankly. It's starting to look like Sodahead but it's not Sodahead.  Theres no debate here.  No one replies to anyone else.  Theres no political opposition other than the people asking questions.  This is basically a nicer looking Yahoo Answers.  All we do is answer questions. Boring as hell.  I'm still holding out for the debate I miss.  Going to be honest: I'm disappointed.  

Bruno56 Cal Mar 10, 2016

In order to have interesting debates you need more participants.

How many friends have you invited to this site?

Would a social website with multiple chats, a forum and groups, and no leaderboard, be better for quality debates?

Cal Cal Mar 10, 2016

Friends? What political friends do I have? Come on.  I'm 27. Very little people I know even pay attention to the workings of the nation. A website draws users in by its reputation and workings.  I think if we want this forum to work we need to encourage some debate.  We need some ambition.  We need not be mindless drones answering preconceived questions.  A leader board would be nice.  A better mobile experience would be great because what I see right now is bad.  Groups would be awesome.  I just think people need to be a bit more aggressive. 

Bruno56 Cal Mar 10, 2016

Do you have a preferred 'debate/opinion' website?

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