Assuming you could have unlimited wishes, what would you wish for?

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Feb 6, 2016 in Miscellaneous ♑ by David4004 (1,695 points)

There's a similar question that asks one wish, but one wish isn't enough, so I thought I would put my question with unlimited wishes.  Anything you want.  Wait until you see my answer.

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TheOtherTink Feb 6, 2016

Well, one of my unlimited wishes would be to have politicians who weren't crooks and liars.

Also, it would help if some of them weren't abject fools.

amberleechoo Feb 6, 2016

To be with someone who is very special to me



Telekinesis powers

A new look


David4004 Feb 6, 2016

(1) I want to be cured of my chronic problems, except for one.

(2) I want nudity to be legalized/accepted/normalized in public.  I'm talking non-sexual/casual nudity here.

(3) Assuming #1 fails to happen (since each year seems to always get worse than the previous year), then I want to meet any of my favorite celebrities before I die.

(4) I want illnesses/diseases/etc. to no longer exist.

(5) In relation to #4, no one would have to die, except by natural causes, like old age.  I'm talking >100 years old here.

(6) I want people to stop judging others that are different from themselves.

(7) I want all wars, violence, hate, crimes, etc. to stop.

(8) I want world peace.

amberleechoo David4004 Feb 7, 2016
Maybe there can be a seperate city for people who likes to be naked.
HeyCameron! Feb 7, 2016

I would wish for the end of certain dictatorships and wish that countries that have always been kept down will be able to prosper. Oh...and yeah I'd wish for my own private house in the middle of the woods, that would be nice ;)

MidnightCowboy Feb 7, 2016

$100 million dollars

To be 21 years old forever

To have my own ice cream factory

To never get sick

ajmsituation Feb 14, 2016

Normal stuff.

Didge Jan 1

I wish that my arms were about nine inches longer. That way I could change light bulbs without having to worry about falling off a ladder.

Of course, that would probably make me look like General Sheridan. Abraham Lincoln gave this unforgettable description of him: A brown, chunky little chap, with a long body, short legs, not enough neck to hang him, and such long arms that if his ankles itch he can scratch them without stooping.

TheOtherTink Didge Jan 1

Didge, it's remarkable that Lincoln should characterize Sheridan in such ape-like terms, as he himself had often been so ridiculed by his political enemies, e.g., "The obscene ape of Illinois..."

Didge Didge Jan 1

@Tink: And even today, in 2018, there's an ape in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. :)

TheOtherTink Didge Jan 1

I'd be surprised if the current ape ever comes up to the Illinois ape's standards.  :)

Didge Didge Jan 1

We have to give him credit for one thing though. He has improved the standing of some of his predecessors. We can no longer point out Reagan or George W Bush as being America's most unintelligent presidents.

TheOtherTink Didge Jan 2

That kind of comparison seems to have wide currency with our Presidents of late. This meme (and many like it) appeared after Obama took office:  :D


Didge Didge Jan 2

I gotta confess, I'll never understand the relationship between the party faithful and their politicians.

TheOtherTink Didge Jan 4

I think its a form of tribalism.  The "out" party faithful almost seem to wish for the "in" party to lead us to a disaster, the bigger the better.


Virginia Didge Jan 4

Didge, well you always seem to have a knack for finding the bright side of things...:D ...I have not liked to see so many American citizens bashing our recent presidents, but this one is especially difficult for me to find a reason to respect!

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