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There are questions I'd like to ask that may not belong to any of the existing categories available on this site.  I was wondering how new categories could be added for such questions.

Suppose I was to ask a question about nature or birds...things like that?  Which category would questions like that fit in?  Probably none of them, right?  So, how does one add new categories on this site?

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Darkest Serenity

This site is in development and I think adding Categories is something the Developer does but I can ask Dan to join this post for you David :) I posted him this link 

David4004 Darkest Serenity
I'd appreciate that.  Thanks.
@ David    you're welcome

oh btw   try to remember to type @ Ser  for eg   
because it's hard to follow who is talking to who otherwise :)
David4004 Darkest Serenity
@ Darkest Serenity

I'm fairly new to this site.  I'm still trying to learn what goes on here and how it works.  Am I doing this right?
@ David   I'm a Mod on here and anything you are unsure of , just ask me

and yes  that's fine :) but if you wish to , you can shorten it to Ser
most do

Thats why Miscellaneous ♑ is there. We can add a Wildlife category too.

David4004 Dan
That sounds good.
Darkest Serenity Dan
@ Dan  there are so many categories on Amirite , it drives me potty , seems absolutely pointless to me

I just pull one out the air that takes my fancy  smh

ask Dan