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Who is your favorite Batman?

+3 votes
Feb 15, 2016 in Celebrities by doctorwho1011 (5,282 points)
Lewis Wilson 0 votes
Robert Lowery 0 votes
Adam West 3 votes, 43%
Michael Keaton 2 votes, 29%
Val Kilmer 0 votes
George Clooney 0 votes
Christian Bale 2 votes, 29%

6 Answers

ajmsituation Feb 15, 2016
Christian Bale

Most actors make either a good Batman or a good Bruce Wayne but rarely both. I don't care for Christian Bale as an actor but I feel he did the best of capturing both aspects of the character.

Michael Keaton was good in the movie, but really doesn't have a "Batman body" and isn't exactly a millionaire playboy.

David4004 Feb 15, 2016
Adam West

If only I could vote for more than one.  In my opinion, it's Adam West AND Michael Keaton.

MidnightCowboy Feb 15, 2016
Adam West

I'm still partial to the 1960's Batman TV show.

Freeranger Feb 15, 2016
Adam West

How can you vote otherwise? 

The original!..........there is no Bond without Sea Avengers without Steed and Peal...the list goes on really.


NoLongerHere Feb 15, 2016


"hmmmmmmm" not entirely sure because I always root for the Bad Guys like The Joker 


TheOtherTink NoLongerHere Feb 15, 2016

Catwoman rules!


TheOtherTink Feb 15, 2016

David Mazouz.  Ok, ok, so he isn't Batman yet, just a teen Bruce Wayne.   :P


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