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Wind Voices; do yours exist?

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Feb 16, 2016 in Family & Relationships by Freeranger (2,401 points)

Tell they exist?  The quiet voice....the sound of someone else inside your head.  The one who travels with you wherever you go?  Many of us live in different states or on different continents.  Are you able to pick up the pulse of someone who mentally says your name?image ?

6 Answers

NoLongerHere Feb 16, 2016

Yes but then I pick up Vibes from most People , even on the Internet , which at first I found Truly bizarre but then they are not thru a screen they are far above me and you.

Good or Bad , Kind or Evil , Happy or Sad........... I feel their Vibrations. 

If you can do this , you're Gifted Free Ranger image

TheOtherTink Feb 16, 2016

Yes, sometimes.


Feb 16, 2016


Suyanto Tirta Feb 17, 2016

yeah,.. I'm here

amberleechoo Feb 17, 2016

Once in a while.

HegeMarie Feb 19, 2016

Yes, and sometimes they are overwhelming, and the only voices I can hear. But right now I fear it's only


Rolf Jacobsen
translated by Roger Greenwald



Try to be done now

with the challenges and the sales statistics,

the Sunday brunches and the combustion furnaces,

the military parades, the architectural competitions

and the six lanes with traffic lights.

Come through that and be done

with party preparations and market-research analyses,

 for it is late,

it is much too late,

be done and come home

to the silence afterwards

that meets you like a warm spurt of blood against your forehead

and like thunder rolling

and like strokes of mighty bells

that set your eardrums quivering,

for words don't exist anymore,

there are no more words,

from now on everything will speak

with the voices of' stone and tree.


The silence that lives in the grass

on the underside of' each blade

and in the blue space between the stones.

The silence

that follows the shots and the birdsong.

The silence that lays a blanket over the dead man

and that waits in the stairwell till everyone's left.

The silence

that lies like a baby bird between your hands,

your only friend.
Freeranger HegeMarie Feb 19, 2016

Maybe......maybe you could crack your bathroom window?

HegeMarie HegeMarie Feb 19, 2016
Heart of glass: Demi Lovato showed of her smashing skills as she broke glass for a Tyler Shield photo shoot
Freeranger HegeMarie Feb 20, 2016

Noooo....wait...I said jus......oh hell....she's taken out the window

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