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All of us are still missing several of our ex-SH friends.


Suyanto Tirta Marianne

yes ..you're right ..

Marianne Marianne

I am still not through with my lists, and I am waiting for several answers. Some are very long to come.

Thank you, Suyanto.


Suyanto Tirta Marianne

you're welcome, marianne

Suyanto Tirta

 test  Ilustration music ..

Darkest Serenity

Did you Create this Suyanto ?


lolz  a little Naughty but so True  :P

just pass the time at leisure ..

Darkest Serenity

How do you do it ?


I learned slowly and not yet proficient, my dear friend LOL


"I miss my husband so," the woman cried;
and so, just one more shot at him she tried.

-- Ogden Nash

TheOtherTink Didge

The woman cried, "I miss my husband so,"

Then aimed again, and had another go.

— The Other Tink