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No that have never happened before.


I read "Ulysses" by James Joyce and I could never understand why this book was at one time banned in the United States.


Oh yeah. The Thorne Smith comedy stories were banned during the 1930s, apparently because they were about drunks and contained a lot of sexual references. (No four-letter words, just the frequent, non-descriptive fun of two people enjoying sex.) They were very mild and wouldn't upset anybody these days but  puritans were still very much in control in those shadowy times.

The D.H.Lawrence classic, Lady Chatterley's Lover, was perhaps the most famous and it was let out of its prison (in Oz) about 1962. It was, as you'd expect, well-written and deserves its "classic" status but -- much titillation -- it did have some very naughty words.

I also read The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli and The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio.

But all of those books pale to insignificance alongside the sex- and drug-filled fiction on offer these days.

Yep, there was nothing written in this book that I can't hear on the radio today.



Well, the N word is pretty scarce on the radio today, and of course Huck Finn has been banned in some schools.  What is considered unacceptable changes with social custom, or in our times, political correctness.

Not if you listen to rap. I don't, but my annoying neighbor that likes to share the soundtrack of her life as she comes and goes from the subdivision does. Lots of N word.


You're right, I forgot about rap (never listen to it), but then again it's ok for Blacks to use the N word, just not other races.  How racist of me to forget. :)

I give you thumbs up even though there is no way for me to do so.


LOL.   Ditto.  :)


Well, some of the goings-on in "Peyton Place" and "Lolita" (incest and sex with a minor) are still considered taboo today, although writing about them would not be banned.

However, writing "hateful" things about Muslims in the EU might very well get you in serious trouble for "hate speech," or at least get you banned from traveling there, if you are a foreigner.

What is considered unacceptable changes with the political and social climate.


Yes. Some books are banned for silly reasons, while others are banned for not so silly reasons.:)