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The "Who's Online" is the most correct and it auto updates even if you don't reload the webpage. The members Online in the "Visit" box are who online during the 'loading of the webpage' and it will remain same if you don't reload the webpage.

TheOtherTink Dan

I thought of that, but they generally don't match even immediately after refreshing, so maybe there is a delay in the "visits" box?

Darkest Serenity

Yeah , why isn't Skunky showing up in the ............Who's Online , when it shows he is onsite right this second :)

TheOtherTink Darkest Serenity
Not appearing in the Chat Box might be caused by someone choosing to be invisible in the "chat options" button, but it doesn't explain why someone "who's online" in the chat box isn't in the recently refreshed "visits" box.

I'd noticed this too. The comments were helpful.