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When was the last time you purchased a money order?

+3 votes
Feb 27, 2016 in Banking by lucythetooth (4,074 points)
It was... 2 votes, 50%
I don't remember. 0 votes
I've never purchased a money order. 2 votes, 50%

6 Answers

TheOtherTink Feb 27, 2016
I've never purchased a money order.

I don't think I ever used a money order.  Don't you get them at the Post Office?

lucythetooth TheOtherTink Feb 27, 2016

Yeah, you can get a postal money order at the post office.  Banks, grocery stores, and most convenience stores also sell money orders from Western Union and other companies.

amberleechoo Feb 27, 2016
I've never purchased a money order.

I don´t think I ever did, it´s the first time I hear about it.

MidnightCowboy Feb 27, 2016
It was...

It must have been about 30 years ago.

ajmsituation Feb 27, 2016
It was...

A couple months ago. I'm supposed to pay my rent with a money order but I prefer to write a check so I know when it is cashed.

Didge Feb 28, 2016

Not since the 1960s. Cheques covered most of the ground until Internet Banking came on the scene and rendered them largely unnecessary.

AncientOne Jan 1, 2017

I really tried to remember but it has been so long ago I can't remember.

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