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what age did you marry or what age do you think you will marry by....

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I think I might get married sometime in my late 20´s.
My first marriage was at the age of 20 and lasted 17 years. My second marriage was at age 46. The third???, ain't gonna happen!!!!
I was 27 y.o. when I was married, did not expect to get married until early 30's but a particular American guy was very persistent.
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And it's worked out a dream.
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I don't know, but at 13, I'm not planning on it any time soon. My parents were 27 and 29 when they got married.

Nothing is wrong with no knowing. Almost nothing works out to plan anyways.

I married my high school sweetheart at 22. We broke up twice to date others. We took our time and made sure we were sure about our commitment. We were and have been married for 26 years.
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That's brilliant, if you had not split up twice you may not have lasted...congrats...
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Thank you. I totally agree. We both needed to experience some life beforehand. I think being my best friend helps a lot.
I don't have a date or age set for it; when the time is right it will happen. I'm thirty now and not trying to rush anything.

I married at age 18 and have had a long and happy marriage. 

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My answer didn't take:(
I was 20 now over 60
It's the single life for me.

Same here.

I have never hada a girlfriend (nor boyfriend! lol) and it is highly probabe i and up dying alone (and no, I am not being pessimistic). I have nothing against one's religion, gender, skin color, belifs, etc. The only "requirement" I have to my future beloved one is: they must have content.