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Of course not. That's a part of the old generation's practice of a fear mongering concerning Marijuana. Alcohol is far worse than marijuana and marijuana is far safer than the government lets you believe. I would say addiction is more linked to will power than the drug itself. I smoked pot in the past and I drank in the past as well. I was a kid and kids do stupid things. When I decided enough was enough I quit the pot, cold turkey, just stopped like that, and never went back. No issues, no cravings, no withdrawal, no problems. It was so simple and so easy that I couldn't understand why others don't do it the same. 

Fuzzy Corona

  • Alcohol isn't less dangerous than marijuana 

There is no direct link.. but in your uninhibited state, you tend to do stupid things


Not necessarily.

But alcohol can be a gateway to alcoholism in certain individuals.

Darkest Serenity

Alcohol is not in my opinion a Gateway to using Recreational Drugs , it's Friends and Lovers or even Family that introduce us to New things like Marijuana , Speed , Ecstasy , Cocaine. 

I could never recommend anyone use these because they can f*ck you up in the Head , if you're one of the Unlucky ones.

I am Lucky and I had my fun experience with all of the above but I have seen others develop Paranoid Schizophrenia from smoking Cannabis for several years *very Sad* and Frightening for them and for those of us around them.


Drank a lot when I was Younger but didn't experiment with Drugs until my mid 20's

I will admit , you can lose that Buzz and then you need a different Buzz and I Believe that's how People end up Chasing the Dragon because they lose their High because our Brains kind of adjust and accommodate the Drug we are taking  like Cannabis.

We must build up some kind of resilience 

I have never touched Needles in my Life , there are limits even I won't cross.

I think it depends mostly in the person, but I don't think there is a direct link.



I've never been drunk so I personaly have no idea. However  I don't think it's the alclohol per say, but rather the state of mind and upbringing of the person.  

For example, If a person drinks often, but not to excess, they generally retain a state of mind that keeps them from doing stupid things...

However someone who wildly drinks to excess, tends to be the same person that will most likely try anything. Be it weed, or licking a toad..  We all know a person like this, and we know he smokes weed or free bases... YOLO!!!!


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No it is not a gateway drug