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What will you do if a stranger tells you that he is from future to save you and you must follow his words? Will you follow his words or tell him to leave you alone.


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He needs to show me a proof first then I will say yes depending on what it is.


Wow!  This reminds me of "The Terminator."  I would have to press the stranger to be specific and tell me exactly what is going to happen if I don't accept his warning.  Now, if he what he tells me is plausible, I would then follow his warning.


I would ask him what he intends to save me from.  It all depends on that. :-)


Depending on my mood, I may reply that he should follow my finger....


if they are truly me from the future, they should know my secrets, if they don't, I'm sure they are not me from the future..

If they do know, you better believe I'm following them


If saving me included having sex with him, I'd say "Yeah, I've heard that one before," and tell him to get back to the future.


I would tell him not to worry


I'd walk away and ignore his words because it seemed too good to be true