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Why not just turn the old editor back on?... (it should be simple...one click and enter)

Until your developer finishes working on the new version?


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January 13?   Has it really been that long?

I think it went down at about that time, came back for a while, but then dropped again.

@ Tink this issue was actually resolved after the 13th Jan , just read your post that you made but Quizzer then complained on the 27th Feb on your post ,  that this feature had been removed.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

@ Ser:  Yes, whatever its past history, the "browse computer" feature is not available at present.

@ Tink   My Virgo Brain just had to Clarify  lolz  

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

@ Ser:  Lol, I have a Virgo brain too.   Great brains think alike.  :)

@ Tink  Sometime's it's great , sometime's I drive myself Nutz   lolz 

How True is this ?

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

@ Ser:  It fits us to a tee.  :)

@ Tink  

Absolutely :)

Darkest Serenity

I've posted Dan the link to this post  just now B  :) 

I Google , Right click on COPY IMAGE ADDRESS and then paste it 

it's hit and miss  tbh but it's better than a smack in the Eye :P

@ Ser:  Uploading an image from a url works fine (most of the time), but it has been impossible to upload images from my computer files for some time now.  The "browse computer" option has been absent, and copying and pasting the computer file image does not succeed either, although it looks as if it's going to work in the preview, but then it won't post.

@ TINK  I have several images that I use from my own files and it is a little annoying that I can't use them on here. 

This is hit & miss  tbh  takes me back to when Fef screwed our search engine up :angry:

I will make sure Dan understands the frustration that's being caused to his members.


What I did once when I wanted to upload a photo from my pc was first uploading it privately and then paste the image here from the browser. But it will just go faster if there is an uploading button and make it a lot easier for everyone. 

Ok, Ser. :)

@ Amber:   I'm not sure what you mean by "uploading it privately".  Do you mean uploading a computer file image to your own private website, and then pasting the image's url here?  That would work, but would be a bit time-consuming.

@ Tink :)

@Tink I mean I´m uploading the picture to a site where I use the pic temporary just for things like this. Yeah that´s what I mean.

Bruno56 Darkest Serenity

It's been a long time...


Yeah it's something wonder too even if doesn't bother me so much since I use most images from google and found an option to upload my photo here in another way which is a little more conplicated.

@ AMBER   Members of this Site don't want complications, they were given a feature that was easy for them to use and now it's been removed.

Tink made a post about this issue and it was resolved but then Quizzer complained the feature had been removed on the 27th Feb on Tinks post.

I have told Dan that several members have been asking me about this missing feature.

He needs to resolve this. 

amberleechoo amberleechoo


Yeah and I know he will do it when so many members want it back. Cause I know he want his members to feel satisfied with this site. 

@ Amber    Quizzer is actually Bruno and he is a Site Owner himself of ASKIT , it seems to me as if Bruno has given Dan a SIMPLE Solution to this issue.:)
amberleechoo amberleechoo


Yeah I know that actually :) 

@ Amber   People dislike unnecessary Complications , Didge tried to show me how to post images on Blurtit  "ugh"  I just gave up because I had to change text and add something every time and that's because the site was not Created for People to post images easily.

I think Personally , a Site with few images is very BORING and not for me at all., that's why even though the People were great , I went off the Site fast.


amberleechoo amberleechoo


Yeah I know I'm the only one who don't mind so much since I can bear with some complications and find new solutions. But the members comes in first hand and it's a lot more important that they are happy and satisfied with the site than I am. There might be a reason that it's not added back I believe. I'm not sure what it can be but it might be something that cause the site in a bad way even though I still haven't figured out what it can be yet. Since there is always an explaination for something.

Bruno56 amberleechoo

Skunky liked this site...I wonder what made him leave?