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I just noticed that SodaHead is doing some spring cleaning.

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Mar 10, 2016 in Miscellaneous ♑ by Bruno56 (5,164 points)

I just noticed that SodaHead is doing some spring cleaning.


They are removing all the users images.

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Mar 10, 2016

Good, since they threw us off without warning; they can remove OUR content as well.

TheOtherTink Mar 11, 2016

Yep.  My SH profile and posts are gone.

And SH has dropped from about 7000th place last year to 25,389th now, according to Alexa.

Drop dead,

SodaHead.  :)

Skunky Stinkerson Mar 11, 2016

you can't even get onto the sodahead question part anymore... i think they removed everything now. i tried to click on my profile link from google and it just redirects me to the poleware site.

That means their Alexa rank will drop even lower.

I bet half of their internet traffic came from ex-sodaheads checking their former profiles and SH friends.

Marianne Skunky Stinkerson Apr 5, 2016

Yes, indeed, I looked very often for lost friends and acquaintances, as many changed either their SH name or their picture on the other sites. So, you had to look up names and/or pictures, from case to case.

@ Marianne:  Yes, SH's Alexa ranking has dropped from about 25,000 to beyond 30,000 in the 3 weeks since they deleted the profile pages.

Marianne Skunky Stinkerson Apr 6, 2016


Wow - that is much!

I did not check these rankings; my first concern was the loss of friends, friends' friends and acquaintances, and finding only a part of them was tedious and time consuming besides all the other matters - and it looks much the same for most: being overbusy - I am myself late with everything.

Oops - I just had a very sarcastic thought, if referring to the latest news, but ideas or mere assumptions can lead to false accusations, and in scandals, they will rather blame the fooled ones, and to a much lesser point the real abusers ...

@ Marianne: True enough.

And here is Alexa:

SH is below 31,000 now.   It is clear that all that was keeping SH from an even more precipitous drop were the log-ins from former sodaheads.

Marianne Skunky Stinkerson Apr 8, 2016

@The OtherTink

Thank you - that looks clear enough.

Eli666 Skunky Stinkerson Nov 7, 2016

if you know the exact url of your profile you cna go to it

@ Eli666:

Some are still there, like yours, but mine is gone.

They must have used BleachBit on it.  :D

Fuzzy Corona Mar 11, 2016

Glad I've gotten my photos from there then. 

Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona Mar 12, 2016

I did kinda like the creepy suddenly abandoned social network vibe they had going though

Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona Apr 5, 2016

On the other other hand, it's actually really freeing to know that most of the Dumb Shit I posted online during my teenage years has been erased

amberleechoo Mar 11, 2016
Oh okay had no idea about it. The latest time I checked my profile was one week ago. I will check again.
Freeranger Mar 11, 2016

Bloody hell!......and here I worked so hard on my alias! :P

NoLongerHere Mar 11, 2016

Yeah I noticed earlier , was trying to find my Profile page and got nothing 

damn! all our laughs & giggles gone at a flick of a switch :'( 

I feel kinda Sad  tbh  

76May Mar 12, 2016

They had to destroy a good thing.  It was fun while it lasted.  I even made nice person of the week one time.

Marianne Apr 5, 2016

Too bad - a great number of pictures (or avatars) were useful to find lost friends and friends' friends on other sites.

By the way, a similar information was given by ex-SH'ers on FB.

Dan Marianne Jul 12, 2016

Try using

Marianne Marianne Jul 16, 2016



Like this one?

Dan Marianne Jul 23, 2016

Yeah, with it you can visit the saved webpages.

Marianne Marianne Jul 25, 2016

O.K., thank you, Dan.

If I have the time, I will have a look.


TheOtherTink Jul 12, 2016

Update.  SH's global rank has now dropped to below 200,000.

Down from 7,000 a little over a year ago.

Dan TheOtherTink Jul 12, 2016

Alexa rankings had dropped mainly due to three reasons:-

  • No member activity (main reason).
  • Making the site available only in United States and few more countries. (People from some other countries can't access it now).
  • Removal of images (No traffic from Google Image search).

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