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Sure, why not?  I like DST.  :)

You may have missed this, but here in Arizona, we don't bother with that, Cowboy.


I know, but the vast majority of States do observe DST.



While I don't necessarily hate Daylight Saving Time itself, I don't like that it starts too early in the year and then, goes on for much of the year.  Why can't both Daylight Saving and Standard Times be evenly split and run for about six months each?  And besides...if we're supposed to "Spring Ahead", it should wait until it's ACTUALLY SPRING!

With the way it does now, it's still, technically, Winter, since Spring doesn't start until the 20th or so.  I think, what it should do is wait until the last Sunday in March and then, "Fall Behind" on the last Sunday in September.  That way, it would be about six months (give or take a few days) for both of them.  Who's with me?


Yes cause then I´m closer with the time to a certain person.

It makes no difference to me at all. I keep forgetting about it, but my devices will self-update.


Nope, where I live, we stay on day light savings time all year round.  I like it like that.