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The only dinners at my house are family related and they eat everything (or I would be informed!). Except my son.  Sometimes he organizes get togethers because he is super social.  But he handles the food and drinks for that.  I would like to cut back on eating pork, however, because pigs are so adorable and I feel guilty about eating them.image

Skunky Stinkerson

i was raised in the Adventist church most of my teen years and they don't eat pork or any other animals that are considered unclean (they promote mostly vegetarian diet) soo, i've been to a lot of dinner gatherings at the church that only had vegetarian food (the church i go to has a potluck lunch every Saturday, most SDA churches in my area have a potluck lunch after the service every week, some have it every other week)


No since we never have had any Jewish guests.


MC, I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that you would make no mention of my Muslim guests, who also would not eat pork!

If I were a snitch, I'd report your insensitivity to CAIR.

MidnightCowboy TheOtherTink

Oops! :cheerful:

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

See that it doesn't happen again.



It never happened to me.


No. I don't eat pork either. The Jews won't melt at my house

Darkest Serenity

I'm far too Organized to make an error like that 

I even shut my Back door when I cook Bacon *if they are outside* because next door are Muslim. 




What type of Jew? Some Jews eat pork some do not..

Nope, not really into parties