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    Which do you trust more? Your instincts or your intuition?


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You need to make your distinction between intuition and instinct clear.

I always thought intuition had a strong instinctive component, as in, for example, the expression, "My gut instinct is..."

Both traits equally factor with the decisions I make.

I see three elements: instinct, intuition and logical reasoning.

Each of these elements should be taken into account.

Fuzzy Corona

Are those not the same thing?


Both I think.

Both in equal measures.

I'm rarely wrong.

These two things are not mutually exclusive.

Intuition is born of instinct and integrated thoughts of internal and external factors. So, when those two things work in tandem, intuition takes the reins. Acting on instinct alone is what people without integrated thought do, and while this is better than lacking both, it can be deleterious.