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We did a role play that lasted from Saturday until Monday morning, so about 36 hours maybe a little more...

41071 Deadcutie1994

Wow! How does it feel?

Deadcutie1994 Deadcutie1994

@ 41071 Stomach girggled, throat felt a little dry, and hard to salivate. There were things done to us that increased our dehydration, but it wasn't to bad. No headaches or cramps or anything...

41071 Deadcutie1994

Wow. I remembered that I once had a terrible headache and sore throat due to dehydration. Yes, and without enough saliva, I've ever had difficulty swallowing food.


I would say 48 hours.


24 hours but I think I can try it again.

Most of day?

Not an entire day.

I've been dehydrated a few times, though, due to extreme heat or illness.


Maybe 12 hours, if I slept in.

Fuzzy Corona

Not long enough for it to be a memorable experience, but a little over a year ago I had a stomach flu and my vision went fuzzy and purple. 


I been without water not more than 8-9 hours I think if I only count the time I was awake.