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I'm visiting my brother and his family who lives in Yorkshire to celebrate the change of a century. I remembered that we went outdoors and shouted "Happy New Year" in the top of our voices when the clock struck twelve. As you know, we've entered a new millenium. It won't happen for another 1000 years.

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I stayed at home with my brother and watched on TV the ball coming down at Times Square.


I can´t remember that year so much so don´t know. Probably home.


I was in Texas, probably sleeping because my oldest was about two at the time.  She was a high energy kid and ran me ragged quite a lot.

At home. I don't celebrate needing to buy a new desk calendar.


I was at Nellis Air Force Base in South Carolina at a house party hosted by the son of my best friend. 

Sean McDonald

7 years old staying at my grandparents house 


I was at home.


Home from college at a family gathering.