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No, but I did it anyway. I lived about two blocks from my high school, so I'd go home, make a sandwich and a glass of tea, listen to some music, and then head back to class. It was the best thing to break up the monotonous regimen.


Not at my high school.

Yes.  My school ran from kindergarten through the 12th grade, but you couldn't start leaving campus for lunch until you reached 9th grade.

Well from 6th grade we could start leaving during breaks and lunch. I think all schools in Sweden let you go outside the school ground after you entered 6th grade or almost all atleast.

Not before high school. In high school, the answer kept changing. There were times they let us out, then something would happen and they wouldn't let us go anymore. But after a certain cooling off period, they would let us go again, and then something would happen agree. In the cycle would keep repeating.

Yes, we had a open campus.



Yes, but I hardly ever did, because we had only 1/2 hour for lunch.