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The Korean series are having considerable viewership among the youths in the countries like United States, United Kingdom, India and other parts of the Asia. In India, the Korean series are being telecasted in puthuyugam channel and people can also watch online. If you are watching them then which is your most favorite Korean Drama?

Korean series

Some of the popular Korean Series

49 Days, Angel Eyes, A Hundred Year Legacy, Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, Coffee Prince, Emperor of the Sea, Eyes of Dawn, First Love, Full House, Gag Concert, Heart Strings, Heirs, Hur Jun, I Need Romance, Inspiring Generation, IRIS, Moon Embracing the Sun, My Love from the Another Star, Pasta, Playfull Kiss, SandGlass, Secret Garden, Soul Mate, Sunny Place of Youth, Taejo Wang Geon, The Greatest Love, To The Beautiful You, The Son and the Daughter, What is Love, You and I, You're Beautiful, Rooftop Prince, Faith @ The Great Doctor, Personal Taste, Hello My Teacher, My Girl, My Girlfriend is Gumiho, Marriage Without Dating, Goong, Which Star Are You From?, Healer, Fated to Love You, Bride of the Century, Reply 1997, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, I Hear Your Voice, My Unfortunate Boyfriend, I'm Sorry I Love You, Just You, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Queen Inhyun’s Man, Love Rain, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, No Breathing

 The viewers are always excited about what is the next korean series going to telecast on the television.

Boys Over Flowers 1 vote, 9%
Coffee Prince 0 votes
Heart Strings 1 vote, 9%
Pasta 0 votes
Playfull Kiss 0 votes
Secret Garden 3 votes, 27%
The Greatest Love 0 votes
You're Beautiful 3 votes, 27%
Rooftop Prince 0 votes
Other 3 votes, 27%

19 Answers

Heart Strings
I like Heart Strings one the most and its one of my favorite TV series.
Secret Garden
Secret Garden is the most interesting.
Secret Garden
Secret Garden

It is the only one I know, sorry
Boys Over Flowers And Playful kiss which is korean serial i saw but dubbed in tamil language
I love the heirs...but i want puthuyugam to telecast k series named school 2013..I have watched it only in you tube in hangul(korean language)...but I couldn't understand anythng...so i request the channel to telecast it in Tamil...
Secret Garden

I like my love from another star the most its interesting.. So I request the chennal to telecast it in tamil..


boys over flowers , playfull kiss, you 're beautiful are my fav

plz telecast boys over flowers again plzzzzzzzz


i like kill me heal me the most and its interesting...so i request the channel to telecast it in tamil...


i like my girl its interesting and fun...so i request the channel to telecast in tamil...


I think My love from another star is the best of all kdramas