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If so, please list the ones you think apply.

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Apart from a general loathing of the American government (and Jews), I can't think of any. :-)


Sadly enough - yes: any kind of extremism involves intolerance or laxism, hate-mongering and violence.


Both sides share in hatred toward Gay people.

Transquesta MidnightCowboy

I wanna agree but, although they may not like them, right-wingers generally aren't tossing gays off the tops of buildings (or worse) like Islamic extremists do.

skycruiser MidnightCowboy

Both sides are made up of individuals.  Some are full of hate, some not.  Iʻm on the right and I have no hate or even disrespect for gays. I will battle for you as individuals.  Itʻs also kind of hard to say all right wingers hate gays when some ARE gay.