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It's neither.

It's too little, too late to have any significant effect.

It won't get Cruz nominated (and therefore not a success), nor will it destroy his chances (and therefore not a train wreck).


In my opinion, it's another "McCain/Palin" fiasco.

TheOtherTink MidnightCowboy

Cruz won't get as far as McCain; he won't get nominated.

And even if he did, Fiorina is a heck of a lot smarter than Palin, so I think you're wrong on both counts.

Transquesta MidnightCowboy

In re: McCain/Palin fiasco, that is yet to come. :-)  Just wait till Trump melts down AFTER getting the nom.

TheOtherTink MidnightCowboy

@ TQ:  That's just what the Democrats are expecting, in wishing Trump to be the nominee.

But if Hillary melts down worse, they may regret what they wished for.


It's a completely pointless desperation play on the part of Crooked Cruz.