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Most of us have been on a few sites, does this one differ much from your first experience...

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SodaHead was my first Opinion site. So that's the standard that I judge the others by.

I don't really use Facebook, so next I found Amirite...Then I joined Blurtit ...and now I'm here.

I like this site the most as a SodaHead alternative.   ;*)
Platinum Bruno56
I think soda was the perfect package and the others, have not been very good but I have high hopes for this one...
CherriViola Bruno56

It is the best and honestly, it is doing very well and I'm happy. Everything is perfect except for customization. We need more of that.

I've been on about five or six over the years and some were OK and some really stunk. Some went under like Ask. I like this site as it has some good features that aren't on blurtit and you can have some good fun. Haven't seen any politics and religious questions that usually cause problems. I like it here ! Keep up the good work!
Platinum Rooster
You're right about politics ..it causes arguments..this will be a great site and with the help of you and serenity...we can have a great site...
Rooster Rooster
For some reason, politics causes the worst damn arguments ! Religion comes in at number 2. We'll sure give it our best Platinum.
Darkest Serenity

Sodahead was my 1st Social Network Site , such a shame it went to Hell because for me it was Awesome for so many reasons.

I have high hopes this is the Site that will bring US back together.

CherriViola Darkest Serenity

Me too!image

Who were you on SH Cherry Viola ?  :) 


CherriViola Darkest Serenity

Let me see....

I was Misha Aurora Lavette

This was my famous picture


Before I went to this...



To me, they are about the same but each packaging is different.

Shoeless Joe

Yes, when I first entered the cyber world in 1995 there were no such thing as trolls. Now every opinion site has 3.8 trolls on it.


Well my very first opinion site was definitely Sodahead, and there isn't any site that can compare; I fell in love with the community. But I really like this site, and I hope it does well; by the looks of it, it should.


We can share our opinions on every social network. I use twitter, ihavesolved, blurtit, medium, tumblr, bold.io, ello. They have not changed since I joined them.


Not too much.

Same arguments, same trolls, and a number of nice people. :)