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Boehner must have been hitting the bottle.

Even if he believes what he said, he is stupid to have said so in public, unless of course he wants to help Hillary win in November.

Or maybe Hillary has compromising photos.


This is the best boost the Cruz campaign could have received from the RINO apparatchik from hell. If Boehner thinks Cruz is lucifer in the flesh, he should know!

I personally don't like the man. Cruz is power-mad, a megalomaniac of the highest order, underhanded to bizarre extremes...and he looks like friggin' grandpa Munster...but if reality-bereft, establishment pricks like Boehner hate his guts he must have SOME redeeming qualities.

They say you can tell a lot about the nature of a man/woman by the caliber of the enemies s/he keeps. By that measure Cruz is a prince among men!

No, but I don't know if Cruz could claim that he is any better, if Lucifer existed.


I have a personal belief that all people of influence and power have met with his infernal majesty, and sold their souls for the power and influence given to them. 

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