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On a scale of 1-10 how do u rate Mr. Trump ?

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Aug 8, 2016 in Politics & Government ✌ by Kharmeldove (588 points)
Its not nice to call people names and making fun of handicap people on national media is not right. Donald Trump has turned this election into a circus of foolish hatred.  Every time he opens up that big fat mouth nothing good comes out.  image
1 Thumbs down
2 Very Poor
3 Poor
4 Ok
5 Average
6 Above Average
7 Good
8 Very Good
9 Great
10 Awsome

4 Answers

Kharmeldove Aug 8, 2016
1 Thumbs down
Simple minded childish and stupid.
MidnightCowboy Aug 8, 2016
1 Thumbs down

He actually gets a "Zero" from me.

Kharmeldove MidnightCowboy Aug 10, 2016
Hitman Aug 8, 2016
6 Above Average

Is this all the questions mainly here about ? Day after day of this liberal crap. When is someone going to start asking and answering some decent questions?

TheOtherTink Hitman Aug 8, 2016

Good question. The answer is probably never, on this site.  :ermm:

TheOtherTink Aug 8, 2016

And every time Hillary opens her mouth, a lie comes out. Or a lie about a previous lie. Or a lie about a previous lie about a previous lie... etc.  She gets a 1.

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