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I never came close to having a problem with mud.

Nor was I ever so stuck in snow that I couldn't rock my way out.




No, where I live, you need to have Four wheel drive all the time. Some nasty roads here.


Not mud but sand. Doing the romantic thing, a drive along the beach. Should not have stopped. Had to leave via the windows. The car sank half way up the doors. A tow truck and a bull dozzer tewo days latter I was back on the road, sort of. 


Well, no, not really, like, ah, well, no.


One time we were camping with the kids, all in the one tent, and there was definitely NO room for any hanky panky. So one night we took the car out, slid it in among the mangrove trees, and hanked and panked as much as we liked. 

But when I tried to drive it out the starter motor failed (it was an old car) and we had to push it out over the mangrove roots. 

Let me tell you, it's hard to push a car when you can't stop laughing, but we didn't call a tow truck.