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I will start with a famous person's name...you post the name of someone whose first name starts with the FIRST LETTER of the LAST NAME of the person in the last answer...

You can use any famous person you want...actor, author, athlete, historical figure. 
 Feel free to post pics too!

Jerry Garcia

The next persons first name should start with a 'G'.

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Gary Busey

Billy Graham
Skunky Stinkerson
Geri Halliwell.
Halle Berry

Barack Obama

Olivia Newton-John
Bruno56 Marianne
;*)  You were supposed to post a name beginning with 'O' for Obama.   ;*)
Bruno56 Marianne
Much better!   ;*)
Marianne Marianne
I just realised that I was continuing on the wrong answer, but I could not load a picture.
Bruno56 Marianne
To post a video, image, link or gif into an answer or comment all you have to do is copy the URL and paste it right into the answer or comment block.
Marianne Marianne
Thank you, that is what I did, but I must have come across Pictures which might have not been allowed - oh nothing indecent, but perhaps not allowed for sharing, as my e-mail had not been confirmed yet.
Bruno56 Marianne
I think I know what you are talking about...
I think (haven't yet proven) that image URLs that start with HTTPS are the ones that won't work.
Marianne Marianne
Thank you, Bruno - good to know!
ken Marianne



Nicole Kidman

Kanye West


William Shakespeare


Socrates (you figure out what the last name would be.   LOL)I think I look like him.   ;*)

Marianne Bruno56
Lol, I hope that his birthplace (Alopece - perhaps related to "alopecia" - lol) is o.k.