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He is a very mellow and quiet man and rarely says a whole lot but was attacked and ridiculed a couple of times. For a site that says it's a family site? No way. 

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Well, to be honest, there's your first problem. The ones on Answermug aren't people.

Hitman xix

I bet he would agree on that. I didn't like it much either.


You are correct on that. They love to insult others. Yes, they are not human. My friend stops going there because they would insult him about his grammars and spelling. He has very low vision. The peoples who run the site are gender basis. Female can do as they please. 


I think the mugs have gotten worse since Hillary lost the election.  :)

since hillary lost her erection.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

@ Skunky:

I thought that was Bill.  :D

Rather, it could be both :D:D:D hehehe

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Could be... :angel: :D



Your dad couldn't be a nicer man. He's got values, smarts and treats people with respect. Answermug didn't deserve to have him.

Answermug was THE worst site I've ever been on. I closed my account a few days ago. Couldn't stand the never ending PET questions and insults as well as the snarky comments and answers. Now that Midnight Cowgirl is gone, I'll frequent this site more often.

Didge Ancient_Hippy

I've had my ears pinned back a few times, too. They seem to think it's acceptable behaviour and I'm trying to fit in.

Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy

i just have a hard time getting past the PET questions. Wading through all that hatefulness makes my blood boil. I'm not a big fan of Trump but it is what it is.

Tiger Paws Ancient_Hippy

Weird people there!

That person really loves Hillary.  I couldn't take it.

Hitman Ancient_Hippy

There were a couple of nice ones but the rest were pricks. 

NoLongerHere Ancient_Hippy

have you all left Blurtit ? 


It will be soon that answer mu will close. That why so many social media site shut down is cause the way people act with each other. 

Corey The Goofyhawk

That is the most unfriendly site I've ever joined. Who knew that someone else might just think differently than they do. Crazy right? The family friendly is a joke. The only reason I still have my account with them is because it's entertaining to piss them off.

I am sorry to hear again such bad news.

It looks much like a blatant lack of respect toward other people - all the more, when the antagonists are anonymous.

But on-line relationships of all kinds are much like personal links in everyday life. One has to try to get along as well as possible with many different personalities, beliefs and mentalities. We can't love on command, we all have emotions and are vulnerable, but we can respect each other and try to listen to each other. We can disagree without insulting and hurting our friends and acquaintances. And respect and tolerance mean that one has to admit that the other side might be right too or might need a ready ear. After all, nobody is perfect and everybody makes errors.

Maybe that a kinder approach and some reflection about how to communicate with each other could help - but all the sides should make the effort, and sometimes, one has to let go or leave.



 That site is full of a bunch of opinionated A- holes, your papa has never been nothing but kind to me, he's a sweetie with a great sense of humor, he's my Gomer and I am his Goober!!!

Mountain Man

  I don't know why anyone would insult your dad. He's one of a few guys I met on the internet that I could see myself having a beer with over some old stories and a lot of laughter. He's a good guy. I guess some people take things too seriously and are sticks in the mud. Rooster told me about this site and Answermug. Now, from what I'm hearing I'm glad I never made it over to Answermug. It doesn't sound like my kind of place. 


Your Dad I take it is Rooster :) 

Why did they get upset with your Dad Hitman ?


Many internet users like to insult unknown people.

My friend was also on there. It a group of people who are nasty, gross, and very insulting. What every you said they had something gross to said back to you. There are only about 23 people who come on there out of 2,000 people. That tell you something is not right. So social media are like that. A group of people what to control everything for their benefit.