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In a word, yes, and so could nearly everyone else.  :)


Of course, Doc. I'd just climb aboard my personal Tardis and travel a little way into the past. Let's face it, until the late 90s almost nobody used the Internet anyway. 

I could also do without a mobile phone, a TV set, and Rupert Murdoch. 

(I gave up on Murdoch back in the 1960s when I worked for Reuters and saw the liberties his newspapers were taking with the stories we sent them.) 


Yep ! Plenty of other good stuff to do and piles of books that I haven't got to yet ! 


Didge Rooster

I've just  bought an eReader. Didn't think I'd like it but they're great. It'll take a few years to build up a collection but it gives me immediate access to my library 24/7. 

Of course, without the Internet I'd lose that. :( 


Yes, that is quite feasible, although I would spend more time sending letters (by normal mail), for trips, phone calls, fax, in libraries, etc., and I would need more space for additional books, dictionaries, documents, photo albums, music records, videos, etc. (or, at least, for the corresponding data carriers).

As to video games, I hardly use them, except for cross-words and some quizzes (and I still use also "paper" cross-words).



Of course!

Skunky Stinkerson

Id die forever :O


Personally yes. However I would have to lay in a ton of ammo. No internet would mean many loons running around. We had an incident two years ago when all cable and mobile phone service was down for about 6 hours. It  was as if the world was ending. I had neighbors gathering on my porch for updates. I had a short wave radio at the time. (LOL)

Fuzzy Corona