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Kind of an odd superstition for me. It's people's eyes when I play Poker. I can spot things in their eyes and it makes me superstitious of them and I move to another table. Kind of fussy who I play around . Guess I picked it up in the Army from playing all those cheating swabbies !  :D


Didge Rooster
I know what you mean. When I did my training we were sitting around on floor of the hut playing poker and we could smell something burning. I was the only one not smoking so I knew it wasn't me. Until it burnt through my pocket and reached my thigh. I think I must have picked it up with my handkerchief. 
Mountain Man

I'm not superstitous, but the one I always got a chuckle out of was having bad luck from walking under a ladder. I have to do that at work quite often and never had any problems. I'm not sure how it originated. Maybe some unfortunate person wasn't paying attention and had a hammer dropped on their head. 

Didge Mountain Man
I thought the same thing, MM. The only time I'm reluctant is if there's somebody up there with a paint brush. 

Don't throw your hat on the bed (result is someone in the family will die)

Origin (probable): Some wife/mother didn't want her husband or son throwing his dusty dirty hat onto the clean linens, so she told him this tale. Because "mom said it", he took it as gospel and passed it on.

Didge xix
That's a new one for me. I agree with your thought about the origin, though. It's the way such stories start. Clever peopole, mothers. Resourceful. :) 
xix xix



Breaking a mirror means 7 years' bad luck.  :O

Didge TheOtherTink

Interesting video. Thanks. :) 


My preferred superstition, or rather "good-luck sign"?

A ladybird!

It is useful for gardens, looks nice and can be easily observed.



Other superstitions:


Didge Marianne

When I was a little kid I was enthralled by ladybirds. Still enjoy seeing them around. They're very beautiful.